Selecting Early Vocabulary for AAC

When setting up an AAC device or app, it can be very difficult to determine a starting vocabulary.  While I am an advocate for core word vocabulary, I strongly believe in starting with a small amount of vocabulary and then quickly increasing.

During this beginning phase of using a small vocabulary set, the AAC user will only be able to tell us what we have anticipated; howevever, it is important the user succeed during these early days so they understand the power and importance of communication.  It is also vital that parents, teachers, and family members have buy-in, so we must make the launch of AAC as easy and successful as possible.

Here is a video with more information on selecting early vocabulary for AAC:

Tips for Making Your App or Website More Inclusive

This post is based upon Betsy Furler’s session at the 2017 Global Tech Women Summit.  You can watch her presentation below:

One billion – or 15 percent – of the world’s population has a disability. In addition, we are all aging and losing our vision, hearing, and mobility. This includes people who have cognitive impairments, physical access difficulties, vision impairments, learning disabilities, color blindness, and senior adults. By making your app or website more accessible, you can expand your reach and serve your existing clients more effectively. Continue reading “Tips for Making Your App or Website More Inclusive”