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Getting Going with AAC for Parents
Your Child Can Say “I Love You” With Their Tablet!
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We’re excited to announce the launch of our first online course, Getting Going with AAC for Parents!  While meeting parents and professionals at conferences and through her practice in Houston, Betsy became aware of the need for more training about augmentative communication.  Betsy believes parents are the most important teachers of their children, so this course was intentionally prepared and released first.  In this course, you’ll learn about AAC access methods, choosing a device/app, and how to practice the skills necessary to operate an AAC device.

Please share information about our course with friends, your child’s educators, therapists, doctors, Facebook groups, and other support groups — because everyone deserves a voice!

Future Course Offerings:

  • Keep Going with AAC for Parents
  • Get Going with Eye Gaze / AAC
  • AAC for Speech Therapists