Tips for Making Your App or Website More Inclusive

This post is based upon Betsy Furler’s session at the 2017 Global Tech Women Summit.  You can watch her presentation below:

One billion – or 15 percent – of the world’s population has a disability. In addition, we are all aging and losing our vision, hearing, and mobility. This includes people who have cognitive impairments, physical access difficulties, vision impairments, learning disabilities, color blindness, and senior adults. By making your app or website more accessible, you can expand your reach and serve your existing clients more effectively.

Here are some tips to make your app or website more inclusive to people of all abilities:

  • Font color is really important for people who need a visual aid.  High-contrast colors and usage of color conventionally (e.g. green means go) can be a large improvement. However, don’t use color alone to express meaning.
  • Font size also should be enlarged or be able to zoom for viewers.
  • Provide alternative ways to get information, such as captioning or transcripts for any videos. For people who are visually impaired, provide text or audio descriptions.
  • Keep any verbal or written directions simple.

Good design is good for everyone.  A simple, intuitive interface benefits all users.